World Book Day Blog Tour: My Creation!

When I was considering which book to use as inspiration for this blog tour, I was spoiled for choice. I was surrounded by literature and was always a keen reader as a child and had many ‘favourites’ along the way! I made my way through the family photo albums and was reminded of one of my favourite Christmas presents: my dollshouse. Funnily enough, I added it to the top of my list to Santa after being inspired by a book my Mum used to read to me. Inside The Dollshouse: A Miniature Tale is a wonderful story about two little dolls who watch as their dollshouse is built for them.


I was fascinated by the idea of toys coming to life (this was years before I ever watched Toy Story!) and of their secret life behind closed doors. I would spend hours acting out scenes from the story in my own dollshouse and would create soft furnishings out of scraps of fabric. It was with this in mind, and KCW’s wonderful Winter Theme of Toys, that I decided to create a Dollshouse Skirt.


First I sewed a simple skirt using Tilda’s Jean Teal Quilting Cotton, a ditsy vintage-inspired pink floral and teal print. I bought this a while ago from The Little Sewing Company, and it was a dream to sew with.


For the pockets themselves I used this wonderful cross-print quilting cotton from Cotton+Steel which I bought from The Village Haberdashery. In fact, all the fabrics I used for this skirt were from my stash because I wanted to continue the ‘scrap fabric’ tradition from when I was a child.




The pockets open up to reveal the dollshouse itself. I appliquéd traditional furniture in coordinating fabrics. I chose to sew the pockets ‘upside down’ so that they would serve as ‘fabric books’ when the wearer sits down and opens them on her lap. Perfect for long journeys or boring waiting rooms!


And of course, the pockets themselves are fully functional and can hold all those treasures a little girl wants to carry around with her!





I made the little doll herself with a popper on her back so that she can be moved around the dolllshouse and interact with the various items of furniture. The dress she is wearing is also removable with a popper which can be attached inside the wardrobe, meaning she can have a change of clothes!

I am so happy with how the skirt turned out and I cannot wait to give it as a gift to a very lucky little 4 year old very soon!

Reading sparks the imagination. Imagination sparks creativity. I certainly wouldn’t be the creative person I am today, with all the dreams and ideas I have, without books. I have a lot to thank books for, so I really enjoyed looking back and being inspired by one of my old favourites to create this skirt.

Don’t forget to check out While she was sleeping‘s blogpost today featuring the most adorable Satya Romper, as well as all the other participants throughout the rest of the week! Also remember to enter the FOUR giveaways I am running alongside this blog tour (read all about the prizes and how to enter here).

Happy Sewing & Reading!

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