Kids Clothes Week!


Some would call it a coincidence, others just pure luck, or maybe fate, but the week I decided to kick start my blog and introduce Dobbin’s Bobbins to the world just so happened to be the week before Kids Clothes Week, which runs from the 20th until the 26th April. I first heard about KCW over on Zoe’s blog, where she quite rightly introduces the challenge as a sewing community occasion. KCW ask sewers to sew for children for 1 hour every day for a week, and have challenges each season. Obviously I immediately signed up and couldn’t believe just how many other sewers are getting involved and I can’t wait to see what everyone creates! The theme for this challenge is ‘Wild Things’ which will inevitably lead to some incredible sews, although seeing as it’s my first time I’ll probably just stick to animal printed cottons. (Maybe I’ll get a bit more inventive next season!)

Just before I discovered KCW, I bought a fabric that fits in perfectly with the theme- a really cute elephant printed cotton from Fabric Land in blue. I have lots of fabrics in my stash that are perfect for little girls but not many ‘boy’ prints, so I couldn’t help but treat myself. I’ve downloaded a couple of patterns in readiness, and cut out all the pieces of the first (I was just too excited!) so that I’m ready to go! Can’t wait to show you Dobbin’s Bobbins’ first project!

Happy Sewing!


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